Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sewing World

As I prepare for my 7th grade lesson tomorrow and this week, I wonder how prepare my students are for this new world. There is a mass amount of information to share with them in order to set them up to construct their PJ pants.

Seam Allowance
Cutting Line
Right side
Wrong side
and so much more.

Last year we covered several of the skills that will be transferred from making the drawstring backpack to constructing actual wearable clothing.

I've learned that in each world: the education world, the sports world, the culinary world, the parenting world, the kid world... there's vernacular that follows. You have to learn that vernacular to be successful. goes nothing! I hope what I have planned for them helps them be successful & excited to sew.

It's a world that fading and in my opinion, it's sad. I cannot tell you how many times my mom has tried to teach me how to sew & this world but I couldn't (or wouldn't, if I'm being honest) learn it. It was frustrating to me. I try to keep that in mind as I teach middle schoolers to sew. The majority of what I know I had to teach myself. My college professor in FACS was wonderful. She taught me so much but the majority of what I teach I had to teach myself. Like all things, it comes back around. I hope that I can foster some excitement & contribute to bringing this craft back.

To you Monday... may you bring me students ready to focus & a well prepared lesson that will help students understand the sewing skills they need to construct some awesome PJ pants.

Mrs. T